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To throw in the towel, to miss the boat…What do these idioms mean? Find out with this interesting game that has a picture for each one. Then turn over and learn about similes: as proud as a….peacock, as dead as a….dodo. Once again all the meanings are learnt as you play this fun game.

Includes 2 Games:

Game 1: Idioms such as, to burn the candle at both ends, to have a bee in one's bonnet. All the idioms have a picture to help to remember them and a meaning that must be matched in the centre of the board.

Game 2: Similes such as, as silent as the grave, as busy as a bee. Again they each have a picture and a matching meaning so learning them is…as easy as ABC! Contains: A3 size double-sided laminated boardgame, dice, counters and playing instructions 2-4 players

Suitable for: Ages 8 upwards and dyslexic learners

Essential part of the National Curriculum Key stages 2 & 3

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