Letters and Sounds Bumper Kit: Phase 3

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The purpose of this kit is to help you teach the next 25 graphemes, most of them comprising two letters (eg. oa), so that children can represent each of about 42 phonemes by a grapheme. CVC blending and segmentation will continue to be practised, and children will begin to read and spell simple two-syllable words and captions.

The kit includes the following items and offers a saving off the individual prices:

18 Phoneme Fans (6 each of 3 designs)
28 double-sided Mnemonic Cards,
Picture Caption Matching puzzles,
Phoneme Frieze,
Buried Treasure game,
Box of 292 Flash Cards,
Matching Words & Pictures puzzles,
I Can... Book and Cards,
Picture Sentence Matching puzzles Set 1,
Picture Sentence Matching puzzles Set 2,
Set of 5 Reading Books,
Sentence Substitution game,
Yes/No Question Cards game,
FREE Gratnell Storage Box.

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