Super Readers - Poisonous and Venomous Animals

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Ouch, poisonous and venomous animals are dangerous!  
Children boost their reading skills and learn all about less than friendly animals with this high-quality, fun, nonfiction reader.
Poisonous and Venomous Animals is a beautifully designed reader all about animals that sting, poison, and attack - from the well-known tarantula and deadly snakes to the Golden Poison Frog and pufferfish! 

The engaging text has been carefully levelled using Lexile so that children are set up to grow in reading confidence. 

Children will love to find out about the differences between poisonous and venomous animals, and how they do their deadly work.

A motivating introduction to using essential nonfiction reading skills. 
32 pages Pbk   KS2   Age 8-10
ISBN  9780744072570

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