Letters and Sounds Bumper Kit: Phase 5

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The resources in this bumper value kit will really broaden children's knowledge of graphemes and phonemes for use in reading and spelling. They will learn new graphemes and alternative pronunciations for these and graphemes they already know.

The kit includes the following items and offers a saving off the individual prices:

Alternative Spelling Consonants Puzzles,
Alternative Spelling Short Vowel Puzzles,
Alternative Spelling Long Vowel Puzzles,
24 double-sided Mnemonic Cards,
Phoneme Frieze,
Box of 250 Flash Cards,
Box of 182 Alternative Pronunciation Flash Cards,
Matching Words & Pictures puzzles,
Sentence Substitution Game Set 1,
Sentence Substitution Game Set 2,
Yes/No Question Cards game,
Tree Right Answers Game
Phoneme Smart Ball
Letters & Sounds Chute Cards
Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 5
Magnetic Foam High Frequency & Tricky Words
Phoneme Flip Stand
Phoneme Flip Stand Split Diagraph
44 Sounds Desktop Charts 6 Pack