Smart Chute Reading Comprehension Cards

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Speedy comprehension skills practice for use with the Smart Chute (sold separately) or on their own. 

Includes 6 Packs of Cards:

  • Cause and Effect: 
    • Work out what the cause and the effect is in the sentences.
  • Using Context Clues: 
    • Use clues in the sentence to work out the meaning of a new word
  • Fact or Opinion: 
    • Determine whether the sentence is a fact or an opinion.
  • Inference: 
    • Students use previous knowledge and the information on each card to answer inference questions.
  • Getting the Main Idea: 
    • Read the sentence and choose which multi-choice answer best describes what the main idea is. 
  • Using Context Clues: 
    • Work out what happens next using the context clues in the sentence.

For ages 7+ 

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