The Magic Belt Series

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The Magic Belt Series includes 12 Synthetic Phonics reading books for catch-up pupils aged 8-14. Aimed at older pupils who would benefit from starting a phonics programme from the very beginning, it combines clear phonic structure with exciting, engaging quest-like stories and illustrations.  

Starting at CVC word level, it progresses in small steps to CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC word levels and then introduces one consonant digraph at a time (ch, sh, th, ck, ng, wh, qu), allowing practice and consolidation at each level. A fantastic reading resource for older beginner readers, and an ideal resource for pupil premium funding.

Spelling Each Book Covers:

  • Book 1: cvc,cvcc
  • Book 2: cvcc
  • Book 3: cvcc
  • Book 4: cvcc & Suffix -ed
  • Book 5: ccvcc
  • Book 6: spelling 'ch' and 'tch'
  • Book 7: 'sh'
  • Book 8: th two sounds
  • Book 9: 'ck' and 'qu'
  • Book 10: 'ng'
  • Book 11: 'wh' and suffix -ing
  • Book 12: 'le'
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