Phonic Worksheets with Visual Support

...with visual support especially for the dyslexic child

Phonic Worksheets are a necessary part of a structured teaching program for all children, not only those with dyslexia; but for many children with auditory processing weaknesses it is often a disheartening, uphill struggle to successfully transform sounds into the correct sequence of letters.

Including a strong visual element in phonic worksheet material is not just a matter of catering for the learning style preferences of selected individuals; it is actually recognising that a large part of the brain's sensory functions is given over to visual processing.

Phonic Worksheets that include LETTER-SHAPE clues can now be easily and inexpensively created using the Crossbow Education BOXES FONT. One of the problems of Dyslexia is often an inability to connect sounds and symbols: the brain can't access the "visual folder" (using a computer image) quickly and effectively enough to pick out the correct letters to go with the sounds it is hearing. Consequently learning spelling is often a major bugbear for the dyslexic learner. The BOXES FONT generates letter-shape clues to provide - continuing the computer analogy - an effective "shortcut" to access that Visual folder, helping the memory to lay down stronger traces.

The result: Phonic Worksheets that more quickly generate success in learning spelling.


Another important activity is the use of DICTATION EXERCISES. However these particularly highlight the difficulties referred to above, with the result that many dyslexic children hate dictation and derive little benefit from it. The Crossbow BOX DICTATIONS photocopiable books combine the Boxes Font with a structured series of phonic dictations based on the Alpha to Omega program, and dictation becomes an activity that children enjoy!