Phonics For Young Astronauts

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A ten-week individualised intervention programme for children in KS 1 and 2 who are struggling to master phonics and reading.

Phonics For Young Astronauts consists of two books with CDs, with half of the programme in each. Set in Aravis, Crossbow's own dyslexia-friendly font, the programme helps children prepare for the Y1 Phonics Screening Check and can be delivered at school or at home. It can also be used to prepare children who need to retake the test in Y2 and for those children in KS2 who are still struggling with phonics.

Space-themed, as the title suggests, the pages are populated with the alien cartoon figures familiar to children from the screening check pupils' materials. Each day's intervention follows exactly the same format, so the children know what to expect in terms of presentation, and every week finishes with a "Fly High Friday" activity.  Supplementary flashcards are included for reinforcement work. Each book consists of 137 pages, spiral bound.

The authors are specialist advisory teachers with additional qualifications in Specific Learning Difficulties.

Each volume comes with its own CD, so that the pages can be printed out in full colour.

Description for parents:

Phonics for Young Astronauts is an easy-to-follow, 10 week, guided programme with 50 complete, space-themed lessons. This attractive resource will help your child master phonics and develop reading and writing skills, in an exciting way.

Review of PFYA  from a class teacher:

' We used it for our recovery work when Y1 returned in June- Fantastic resource!' 

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