Removing Dyslexia (the Dyslexia-Friendly Toolkit)

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A thought provoking and detailed look at the potential to create dyslexia-friendly learning environments in the classroom, full of practical guidance, empowering ideas and challenging assertions about inclusion.


  • Dyslexia - difficulty or difference
  • Understanding Dyslexia - removing the barriers
  • Creating the feel-good factor
  • Spelling with a specific difference
  • Learning styles and preferences - harnessing learning differences
  • Learning styles and comfort zones - working from inside out
  • Dyslexia friendly means inclusion friendly - meeting diverse needs in mainstream settings
  • Dyslexia and revision - learning how to learn
  • Maths as a specific learning difference
  • Dyslexia and EAL - mind friendly solutions
  • The toolkit for the dyslexia friendly classroom
  • Responding to individual needs through classroom action
  • The dyslexia friendly classroom in the dyslexia friendly school
  • Putting it all together - the opportunity to balance the cost

About the Author:

Neil Mackay is well known in the UK as an independent education consultant in Dyslexia and other SEN issues, who previously worked as a Senior Teacher and SENCO in a large comprehensive school in North Wales.  Neil originated the phrase and concept of dyslexia-friendly schools, and works as a consultant to the BDA's "Dyslexia Friendly Schools" initiative, delivering training to schools and FE colleges on behalf of LEAs across the UK, to develop inclusive practice for pupils with dyslexia and other SEN needs with particular reference to harnessing the power of children's multiple intelligences.

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