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*The Boxes Font is only compatible with Windows.

Children love writing in boxes! The Boxes word shape font is a set of six fonts to create visual support for letter and word shapes.  A valuable support for spelling activities, cloze passages, modern languages etc. Includes punctuation and European accents.  Can be formatted like any other font. The Boxes Font is the only tru-type fully configurable word shape font available today, and is recommended by dyslexia advisors. The Boxes Font is included in the Devon dyslexia resources box, a set of the best dyslexia support resources on the market selected by the Devonshire county dyslexia advisory team.

You can use Boxes Font with any software that accesses your font file!

It includes:

  • Boxes with letters for spelling clues
  • Empty boxes for writing in
  • Boxes for cursive writing
  • Our own child-friendly font, with point size compatible with boxes.
  • Coloured boxes
  • You can use the different boxes fonts together, for colour-coding, spelling clues etc.

Watch the video to see how you can use the boxes font.

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