Phonemic awareness games for early literacy Phonemic awareness games for early literacy

Sound Aloud

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A fun way to introduce the alphabet sounds with colourful pictures of many favourite animals from the zoo. This bright, highly illustrated game will teach recognition of letters, lower case and capital, and common initial and final blends. And by the end you will know your Ant from your Zebra!

Sound Aloud includes 2 games:

  • Game 1: Alphabet A to Z with animals
  • Game 2: Initial & final letter blends with animals

Learn about letters sounds and animals at the same time. Sound aloud is a well stocked zoo with 'h' for hippo, 'k' for kangaroo, 'fl' for flamingo and '-ck' for peacock. The first player to go round the board and place all their counters on the animals is the winner.

Includes: A3 size double-sided laminated boardgame, dice, counters and playing instructions

2-4 players

Suitable for dyslexic learners

Suitable for Ages: 5+

Key Stage: 1

Essential part of the National Curriculum

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