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The international dyslexia font 

Aravis 2020 is the result of five years research and development to produce a font that is easy on the eye and meets accessibilty criteria both for dyslexia and for visual stress, and is becoming the Crossbow house font. It is in use throughout this website (except in the actual product descriptions such as this), and is now available to purchase.

Developed by Crossbow's Anne Hext, author of the Visual Stress Assessment Pack, Aravis 2020 has been created for every character to be uniquely recognisable for dyslexic readers (ie a b has its  own unique characteristics and is not just a d in reverse), and the impact of every stroke minimised for people who suffer with visual stress.

Aravis 2020 is an international font with over 1500 characters, with all 72 latinate languages, plus Greek, fully represented. There is also a good list of maths symbols, small capitals, and some “wingdings” including ticks and smiley faces. Unlike some "dyslexia-friendly" fonts, Aravis 2020 does not have a "special needs" look and is not a “bigger face font,” so it is easier to convert existing typefaces into this dyslexia-friendly font, often without disturbing existing artwork.

Aravis 2020 is ideal for any document in any environment, printed or on-screen, where sustained reading is required - whether in the office, at school or HE/FE. Whatever you are reading, Aravis 2020 will give your eyes a rest from the harsh environment of closely coupled geometric lines that are typical of most everyday lettering.

Take advantage now of our £15.99 launch offer, which gives you the whole Aravis font family: regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. For commercial and publishing use, please contact Crossbow Education.

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