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Part of the Visual Stress Collection: the winning product of the Education Resources Awards SEN Resource of the Year 2014!


Dyslexia Friendly Exercise Books 9" x 7" English and Math's rulings.

Colours available: Aqua, Apple Green, Cream, Leaf Green, Yellow, Orange, Rose, Purple, Salmon, Sky Blue

If one of the colours shown above is not appearing in the options to add to basket, it may be temporarily out of stock. Please contact us for an expected delivery date. 

(Please see below for reading ruler colour matches)

The notes in their workbook don't have to move around!

These 9"x7" books are our original tinted exercise books, designed in consultation with dyslexia teaching experts; they are now available:

  • In ten pastel colours
  • Containing 48 pp, 8mm ruled
  • Containing 48 pp, 10mm ruled
  • Containing 48 pp, 10mm squared
  • Containing 48pp, 7.5mm squared
  • With soft grey rules

Children with Visual Stress often find it as difficult to write on white paper as to read from it. Writing can be untidy and presentation poor, because the words they write are affected in just the same way as the printed words they read. Revision from poor presentation is difficult and discouraging. The right colour workbook can make learning easier and improve grades.

Our original Crossbow brand range of exercise books offers the widest selection of tints to meet the visual stress needs of as many children as possible, and high paper quality to reduce the effect of see-through "shadows" from the reverse side of the pages, which can be a distraction for children with dyslexia-related and other visual-perceptual difficulties.

Please note that when ordering, the multi discount only applies when buying the same colour & style of book. 

These Tinted exercise books have been created using paper purchased through the Carbon Capture Programme and has helped to contribute to over 53,000 trees being planted throughout the UK.

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