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Brian’s bulldog scuttled over a squelchy banker...or was it a pigsty??

An original dyslexia friendly Crossbow card game by Bob Hext, put back on sale with a great new design. 

One of the delegates at our 2015 SpLD Central conference told us how a 16 yr old boy with selective mutism spoke his first ever complete sentence in a game of Pot the Lobster. That alone is enough reason to reprint it. (She still had her original pack).

This card game is a hilarious new slant on the old game of Rummy: collect all the segments of the lobster to make a nonsense sentence. That’s easy - but then you have to keep it in your head while the other players try to put you off, and only if you repeat it from memory do you win the game!

Great fun for anyone from 7 to adult, with or without dyslexia; useful for those who need to work on their memory, their language, or reading two-syllable words that bristle with consonant clusters. Or none of the above, but just to have a giggle!


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