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Amazing value literacy intervention for struggling readers and EAL.

Embedding well established principles of good dyslexic teaching, Blitz provides a tightly structured, full scripted teaching programme for use with all primary aged pupils having difficulty making a start in reading and writing. Written by a dyslexia specialist, it delivers the basic skills crucial for progress in literacy through a range of multi-sensory teaching approaches and activities. 

The programme assumes the pupil has very little prior knowledge of letter sounds or key sight words. It gradually builds up their ability to read and spell basic VC and CVC words, recognise automatically high frequency words, and to be able to use both in context when reading and writing.  Blitz can be used with the school’s early reading scheme books and includes:

  • 50 fully scripted lesson plans supported by interactive games / activities
  • 5 Fully coloured and laminated game boards with cards
  • "Hunt the Letter" initial sound recognition puzzle book (also available separately)
  • CD with colour graphics of all the activities and games
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