DANS (Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills)

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The Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS) is a set of multi-sensory, diagnostic tests for students who are struggling with maths.  It enables teachers to determine the essential number concepts that their students have fully grasped and those concepts they have only partly understood.

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The tests, devised and complied by Sarah Wedderburn, are largely activity based, using  games and concrete resources.  This approach gives teachers a key insight into their student’s knowledge, thinking, language and underlying skills and starts the journey towards a more positive view of maths.

 The Key Stage One Assessment looks at the following skills and analyses the students’  


  •        visual spatial skills
  •         non-numerical and numerical sequencing to 100
  •         number patterns and number bonds·       
  •     doubling, halving and simple multiplication·       
  •     coins
  •         mathematical vocabulary, the four operations and problem solving


 The Key Stage Two Assessment looks at the following skills and analyses the students’


  •         visual spatial skills
  •         counting, sequencing, rounding and partitioning to 1000
  •         mental maths and formal written calculation
  •         multiplication and division
  •         fractions, decimals and time
  •         mathematical vocabulary and problem solving


The Assessment will provide teachers with a clear map of their students’ knowledge, highlight areas that need to be reinforced and lead to successful planning and focused support.


Contents:  DANS Test Manual, DANS KS1 Test, DANS KS2 Test.  A range of concrete materials including Numicon shapes, multi-link cubes, dice, dominoes, counters and clocks. Card games and activities include: What’s My Time? Dinoscore, Multiplication Football, Which Operation? Doubles and Halves, Mental Maths and Sequencing cards. A USB drive contains additional printable worksheetand an excel file for recording your observations and comments.


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