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Dandelion Launchers are a set of readers that precede and supplement the Dandelion Readers Phonic Book Sets.

Each units, contains four books. Introducing new sounds and including the sounds in previous levels. Each Launcher contains 8 full colour pages with a single line of text at CVC word level, encouraging the beginner reader to blend sounds into words; also contains a lotto game to motivate the reader and consolidate phonic skills, as well as "how to use this book" instructions for parents and non-specialists.

Using Dandelion Launchers enables children to experience success at every level and discover the thrill of independent reading from the start.

Units 1-3 includes: 12 Different books, 4 at each unit, introducing sounds of the alphabet:

  • Unit 1: satim
  • Unit 2: nop
  • Unit 3: bcgh

Units 4-7 includes: 16 Different books, 4 at each level (unit), introducing sounds of the alphabet and phase 2 of lettters and sounds.

  • Unit 4: defv
  • Unit 5: klru
  • Unit 6: jwz
  • Unit 7: x y ff ll ss zz

Units 8-10 include: 12 Different books, 4 at each unit, introducing adjacent consonants with Phase 2 and 4 of Letters and Sounds.

  • Unit 8: vcc/cvcc
  • Unit 9: ccvc
  • Unit 10: ccvcc

Units 11-15 include: 20 different books, 4 in each unit, introducing consonant digraphs, covering phases 3-4 of letters and sounds.

  • Unit 11 introduces ch,
  • Unit 12 introduces sh,
  • Unit 13 introduces th,
  • Unit 14 introduces ck and wh,
  • Unit 15 introduces ng and qu.
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