Reading Through Colour

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Written by: Arnold Wilkins (2003)

Reading Through Colour tells the story of the discovery and development of the use of coloured overlays and tinted glasses to help overcome reading difficulty, which can sometimes result in almost miraculous improvements.

Arnold Wilkins, the scientist who was one of the first to provide evidence that coloured filters can work, explains how sufferers are often unaware of the effects of visual stress, having no way of realising that others see print differently. They frequently suffer headaches or migraine, but at school can be considered simply lazy.

"A wide spectrum of readership has been addressed: optometrists will welcome this concise book." (Optician, 13th August, 2004)

"I commend it to anyone involved in working with children and adults experiencing difficulties in learning to read." (The Psychology of Education Review, August 04)

Contains: 1 Paperback book with 172 pages