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Getting it Right for Dyslexic Learners - The Teacher's Toolkit

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A comprehensive framework for a graduated response to ensure early identification and intervention, especially for learners with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies, but also for other SENDs. A must-have addition to any SENCo or SEND teacher's resource cupboard. By SEND advisor Beccie Hawes.

Detailed toolkits for waves one, two and three. Activities and approaches for “busting barriers to learning” in reading, spelling and writing for children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Packed with professional expertise, the Complete Toolkit will leave no dyslexic learner’s needs unmet. It includes:

  • Issue - initiative - impact models
  • Separate toolkits for all three waves
  • Personalised survival kits
  • Identifying barriers to learning
  • Tips for pre-teaching
  • Tracking and monitoring tools
  • The identification process
  • Phonological awareness check
  • SMART targets
  • Teaching phonics
  • Metacognition skills
  • The “pupil passport”
  • The learning environment
  • Using scaffolds
  • Transferring back to the classroom
  • Recommended resources
  • ...and lots, lots more!

About the Author: 

Beccie is team leader at Rushall’s Inclusion Advisory Service, near Walsall. More from Beccie and her team can be found in by going to our Inclusion Zone. 

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