Phonics Resources for Older Learners

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This book contains a variety of photocopiable activities and dictation sentences suitable for older children, adults and ESOL learners. The worksheets follow the phonic progression presented in the Sounds-Write programme but would be useful to any teacher introducing phonics to their learners in a structured sequence. Suitable polysyllabic work is included. The companion volume, Phonics Stories for Older Readers, offers text level work with comprehension questions, that follow the same progression.

Section One: Initial Code
This section deals with single-letter sounds and consonant digraphs within CVC words, increasing the level of difficulty to 5 sound words such as CCCVC. Corresponds to phases 2,3,4 of Letteres and Sounds

Section Two: Extended Code
This section dels with the main vowel phonemes and their corresponding graphemes, as covered in phases 3,4,5 of Letters and Sounds.

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