Multisensory magnetic foam letters Multisensory magnetic foam letters
Multisensory magnetic foam letters

Magnetic Foam Letters

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These magnetic foam letters are ideal for giving children hands-on practice in blending and segmenting sounds. They can be used on any metallic surface, or on any of our magnetic drywipe board range.

Range available:

  • Foam Letter Sets:
    • Foam Letters Set 1: The Alphabet (cursive)
    • Foam Letters Set 2: Consonant Blends
    • Foam Letters Set 3: Vowel Diagraphs
  • Foam Letters Suffixes (Phase 6)
    • Contains 3 sets of 12 suffixes. Works in accordance with Letters and Sounds Phase 6
  • Foam Letters Prefixes: 
    • A magnetic multisensory means to deliver S.P.A.G. Add foam magnetic prefixes detailed in 2014 English Curriculum to base words and understand how prefixes change word meaning. 
  • Foam Letters Capitals
  • Letters and Sound Range: can be used to develop blending and segmenting skills.
    • Phase 2 - Contains: 43 magnetic foam letters including 2 sets of consonants, changeable consonants, vowels and 1 set of digraphs. Suitable for 3-6 years
    • Phase 3 - Contains: 26 magnetic foam letters. Suitable for 3-7 years
    • Phase 5 - Contains 18 foam magnets, including split vowel digraphs. Suitable for 5-7+ years
  • Jumbo Tub: Two upper case sets, two lower case sets with blue consonants and red vowels

Not suitable for children under 3 years

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