Synthetic phonics card games Synthetic phonics card games
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Synthetic phonics card games
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Structured multi-sensory phonic card game sets, designed and developed by a dyslexia specialist.

A High-quality systematic synthetic phonics reading resource for students of all ages, that works by playing decodable card games.

Each box contains 20 card decks- 4 types of game per deck with reading, instruction, and monitoring booklets included.

No training needed: ideal for delivery by teaching assistants. Games lead through the reading stages, making the essential progressive phonic structure easy to follow.

A great resource for group or 1:1 use.

  • Quick to play so concentration is maintained.
  • No distracting pictures on the cards.
  • Uncluttered design, appropriate for KS1 to Adult.
  • 4 styles of card games ensure reinforcement.
  • Can be played over and over again.

In more detail...

Play the games at each of the 5 stages in each box.  The synthetic phonics structure has been put into 15 stages. Each stage builds on the one before, making it easy to follow.

  • 'Get it', 'Match it' and 'Take it' card games enable students and children to practise, reinforce and consolidate reading.
  • 'Use it' card game develops sentence construction and increases vocabulary knowledge.
  • Explanation Card explains what each Stage is and how to teach that stage.
  • Story Booklet with ten stories to encourage whole-text reading.
  • Monitoring Booklet to track and assess individual student progress.

Progress with reading is inevitable; the learner picks up the phonic patterns easily and then reinforces them every time they play the games, over and over again.





Box 1 - First stages of phonics.

word examples

Stage 1 - three letter words, consonant-vowel-consonant

cat, pin

Stage 2 - four or five letter words, consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant

stop, ship

Stage 3 - four or five letter words, consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant

stick, wish

Stage 4 - words which can be split in half, words with two syllables

magnet, packet

Stage 5 - words which contain the following sounds

ar, or, er, ur, ir

Box 2 – Digraphs and 2-3 syllable words

word examples

Stage 6 split digraph

 make these fine code tuneful

Stage 7 vowel digraphs and trigraphs

 snail seen light boat statue

Stage 8 alternative vowel digraphs

 boy out paw

Stage 9 two syllable words

       limit pilot

Stage 10 three syllable words


Box 3 – Soft c, soft g, -le, 4-syllable words, -ti/ci/si …

word examples

Stage 11 ‘c’ as in /s/

mice pencil succeed


Stage 12 ‘g’ as in /j/

gem page rigid

Stage 13 consonant-le

candle sensible

Stage 14 four syllable words


Stage 15 suffixes with ‘ti’ ‘ci’ ‘si’


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