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For reading and writing through colour on screen.

For PC and Windows® tablets.

With millions of colours to choose from, and many configurations of shape, size, line width and line position, all accessible at the click of a button, Tint & Track can benefit computer users everywhere - whether in the home, school, college, library or office.

Tint and Track gives you a fully configurable screen overlay that works on top of all your normal programs, providing anything from a tinted bar to a whole tinted screen to aid reading and writing on the computer.

Features Include:

  • Can be used with any application including internet browsers
  • Type through the overlay
  • Fully networkable across all platforms
  • Quickstart menu
  • Autosave settings

3 simple steps to removing screen glare and stabilizing the print:

1: Select your colour

  • Infinitely adjustable colour options.
  • A diagnostic tool for overlay colours:
  • The colour palette on the quickstart menu shows the Crossbow Colours used in the Visual Stress Range making it a quick diagnostic tool for assessing colour preferences for virtual overlay use. 

2. Configure your settings

  • Customisable options for line and size settings creating a wide variety of opaque blocks or underlines.
  • Multiple size options ensures that differing on-screen needs are met (e.g. full screen width for spreadsheets; half-screen for working on two separate programmes etc).

3. Improve your reading comfort

  • Read and type through your chosen coloured overlay. 

Two Modes:

The dynamic mode:

  • Enables you to highlight the lines you are reading or writing in the colour of your choice, with or without underlining.
  • Moves with your mouse so no need to hold and drag.

The static mode:

  • Lets you chose a specific area of your screen to tint; place it and it stays.
  • Use the hot-corners to easily resize and move the Virtual Overlay.

System Requirements:

  • Disc Space Required: 250mb
  • Operating Systems: Windows 8, 10 or higher (it may work on operating systems before, however we cannot provide support for anything lower than Windows 10).
  • Compatibility: NET Framework 3.5 or higher. (if at installation time you do not have this framework installed, the Tint and Track installer will prompt to download/install it for you.
  • Internet connection is required to authenticate Tint and Track on the first use of the software, after this it can be used offline as well.
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