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Words often come in pairs. In compound nouns they make a single word like lighthouse or armchair. Or they can become well known phrases such as safe and sound, or forgive and forget. Play this colourful and entertaining game to learn both compound nouns and paired word phrases. Great for knowledge of grammar and for expanding vocabulary.

Includes 2 games:

Game 1: Compound nouns are two words put together to form one. Learn them by matching a word in the centre with a picture round the edge of the board. It may be the beginning word as the clue e.g. hand (handbag) or the end word e.g. ball (football). Either way if you find the pictures you can place your counters on them and try to be the first to win!
Game 2: You may have heard paired word phrases but not known exactly what they mean. Like Idioms and Similes they make writing more interesting to read. Go round the board to match the phrases with their meanings e.g. Grandma's house is always spick and span - very clean and tidy.
Contents: A3 size double-sided laminated boardgame, dice, counters and playing instructions

2-4 players

Suitable for: Ages 8 upwards and dyslexic learners

Essential part of the National Curriculum

Key stages 2 & 3

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